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Hot news!next game Friday 29 1pm Pease Park

DINO_2623EHello everyone we were about 14 at the French Legation yesterday people came by waves until closing time of the museum at 5 pm

Here a petanque story for you. Yesterday i had to bring my van to the shop, off course the repair took longer than expected so they gave me a driver Adrian he never heard about the French Legation, so on the way there  i started to mentioned the history of the museum  and off course Petanque. while driving I opened my bag of boules and driscribe the game to him. S o when he drop me off he decided to come and  play a game . since he was on radio he figured it is OK his boss wont miss him, He stayed  for 30 minutes and got to play with 2 experience players Rick and myself  and did great for the first time  becasue  he does play the game  washer all the time, so don’t be surprise to see a new player soon on the piste SEE YOU ALL AT PEASE PARK FRIDAY 29 1PM A+ LOVE Arsene


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