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HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE   Another great way to meet a member is to know a little more about them so here it is.           photoAdria  Adria McCuaig was born in New York, grew up on the East Coast and abroad, and spent 14 years in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Austin (for grad school) three years ago.  She’s surprised to find herself a regular petanquer.  A neighbor in South Austin, Julia, told her about the Legation games.  Being a francophile since sixth grade (when French class began, at which she did pretty well), she decided to check it out.   Eventually she fell in with the Pease Park crowd, showing up regularly.  Now, she truly cares about how well she tosses the boule, and keeps talking about the need for petanque camp in order to improve her skills, especially her shooting skills.  (Others interested should contact her.)   She dreams of getting beyond the first round in some future competition.  This past spring, she and partner Ed were eliminated pretty quickly in the Heart of TX competition (thank you, all organizers), but it was okay because she walked away (eventually) with a pink elephant t-shirt. 
Having been to France about eight times, Adria finds it amusing that it took Texas to open her eyes to the beauty of petanque.  She never threw a boule abroad, but remembers references to the game, and to pastis, in Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence.  Now she’s really into the game, the camraderie, the food, the wine, the homemade beer  . . . It suits her.
Adria does work sometimes.  Before completing her Masters in Art Education (as of yesterday), she taught art and other academic stuff.  She would like to open her own art studio and offer classes for kids and adults in things like clay, calligraphy, cardmaking . . .
Nous verrons.     A + LOVE Arsene


2 Responses

  1. Adria – Cogratulations on your masters. Come and swim and play on Bee Creek again any first Sunday!

  2. Hey Adria, congratulations with your degree! What is the name of the dog? S….?
    S…. is doing alright, she has grown older and started to limp about a year ago; frustrating to watch her grow older, but hey, she is just mirroring our own lives, isn’t it.

    Have fun this summer, I started a new job in Paris, and S…. is living at a friend’s place not far from you know where…

    Take care,
    kind regards,
    Marco Siebel
    work +33 1 44 59 23 86 (doceuropa.com, online guide to the top 7000 advertisers in Europe, if you know people who would be interested, let them contact me)
    mobile +33 6 32 69 88 40

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