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Hello everyone and welcome    We are back in Austin TX just on time for my wedding anniversary and  to go play on a Wednesday at the French legation  Again  with kelsey and Jules, we had the great opportunity to go around the country doing shows and visiting petanque clubs. We spend time with the Biltmore Miami Petanque club and after we went to Amelia Island where we were welcome by Philippe Boets from petanque America  ( he as a tournament coming up March 27 Amelia island ) and the club members What a welcome  a  TV crew was there but most important players great players that came out of nowhere on a cold and windy  Monday afternoon  for Florida We played ,we laugh, we did some tourist things, we visited Philippe warehouse full of petanque balls and we even stayed over night with a great French  couple  by the bay Also in Miami we visited my extraordinary  friend DC Bhagavan Antle  www.tigerfriends.com I dont even know how to start talking about him Check out is website it is just amazing  Even more a like a miracle of what he can achieve with love with his  animals the picture speak by itself    A + LOVE Arsene


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  1. Arsene, was this your petanque team? Are they shooters or pointers?

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