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Hello and welcome everyone.  What a fantastic week end  we had for  the second annual HOT tournament.  We have to thank so many people for their support and participation.    But, foremost the weather  gets the first thank you.   Without good  weather there would be  no tournament.    So thank you sunny Texas- you were perfect.   All of  the 24 teams arrived at 8:30 Am for orientation and  went over the schedule of the  tournament.    And we took the famous picture  in front of the French Legation  Museum with all the players .  The different groups were draw out of a top hat  and everyone started to warm up and get ready for games. With only  had a half hour pause for lunch, we played from 9:15 am to sunset for the final.    All courts were used at all times.    It was just beautiful to see  the French legation  grounds covered  with  petanque players.   This year  we like to recognize and give a big thank you to all the teams coming from out of  town and state.     We had some really high  caliber players.   Some of them recognized internationally.     We had teams from Dallas, San Antonio and Florida.   The Dallas team had  a super star of petanque,  Pascal Corchia.   Thank you also to Bill Baker, César Maksoud ,Louis-Florent Sion, Louis Vacher, Noël Aten        The  San Antonio  team had their  famous executive chef from Frederick’s, Michel Costa also Fernando Triana, Stephen Jones, Francis Perrin, Billy Leatch , Jeff  Atwood, Craig Gerstenkorn, Ken Larson,  From Florida the ever smiling and talented team Juan Garcias and  Mamary Coulibaly .   What a light they shine when they are on the court.  What respect of the game . Thank you and thank you again for your support.   I want to also recognize all club members and a special  thank you to  Sandy Boone who  just learned the game of petanque recently and learned how to run the  tournament over a cup of coffee just a couple of days before so we could have the chance to play in the tournament without worries.  She did a tremendous job.. To all the club members and friends of HOT who participated and came to watch the tournament thank you and thank you again.and Phillipe the man behind  Petanque America for constant support  .     The result are as follow:

First place Medaille d’or :  Amine Najah + Magikhana Arsene Dupin

Second place Medaille d’argent :   Juan Garcia + Mamary Coulibaly

Third place  medaille de bronze :   Michel Costa + Fernando Triana

A + LOVE  Arsene


4 Responses

  1. Thank You Arsene and the whole HOT Petanque Club, We had a Great Time and made us feel welcome. Well Run and Organized Tournament I hope we’ll see You again soon .

  2. Arsene, thank you for being such a gracious host to someone who knew very little about your sport! I look forward to joining your club and learning the game. From what I saw this is a very special group of individuals that have a common love! thanks again, Mike

  3. I’m so glad the tournament went well. Congratulations to all of the winners! We hope to see everyone again soon.

  4. I too would like to thank you for the great tournament.

    The setting was splendid – and the company of fellow petanquers made it even more so!

    Merci mucho! (mixed French and Spanish, as it should be here in Texas) 😉

    Oh – and photos – in case anyone wants to pick up prints:


    Best –


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