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Hello everyone and welcome!    Where to find  the best natural courts in the US ? .             The answer is Renaissance festival.  Oh yes for years I have being traveling the circuit  all over the US.   The game is strong at every festival among  craftspeople, gamers, actors and stage acts.  Most  festivals  are located about an hour away from  big cities and on a land of  about 12 to 50 acres on beautiful forest.  So you can get great natural courts withplenty of shade great ground and a lot of space.  The Scarborough Renaissance festival is no exception.   This is my first year there and off course the first thing I do after setting up my stage is to spot out the best place to play.   Most people get together on Monday’s when the festival is closed  for a private  Bizarre  Bazar (flea market) with great food and ambiance There you can find great national acts playing the game like The Flaming Idiots Magical Comedy Magician Offers Mind bending Magic Shows Magic Tricks and Illusions Fool Hearty and great other characters.        Meet some of my colorfull friends

Scarborough Renaissance Festival – Featured Acts and Shows | Fun – Dallas : North Texas : Music, Art, Entertainment

Have fun play the game         A + LOVE Arsene


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