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Hello everyone and welcome.  Yes it was the second birthday of  HOT on Sunday June 6 and what a good time  it was.  We had food, drinks, great friendship , a silent auction to benefit the club and  a Panache tournament with triplette at the French Legation.  All teams were pull out of the magic hat and as luck will have it most teams were pretty much even.  So it was really hard competition.   But a few teams shined ahead of everyone. The team winner for gold and a magnificent trophee made by Thierry Amisse was Christina lee,Rick Armstrong and Tony Graham.   For second place and silver we had Ed Priest, Hall Strickland and Earl Lovell.   For third and bronze we had Adria Mccuaig,Micheal Kaufman, and David Edwards.   The final game was memorable by the playing of Christina who played all day like a pro, she only learned the game only  recently on a really hard surface to play on at night on Thierry’s driveway.  Congratulation to all who participated  and donated items for the silent auction and Happy second Birthday to the Heart of petanque Club and many more.

A + LOVE Arsene


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  1. Happy Birthdate HOT!

    Juan (Miami)

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