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Hello everyone and welcome .  I am performing at the New York Renaissance Faire in  upstate Ny  New York Renaissance Faire – NYC Metropolitan Area .   So I decided to go to NY city just  for one day to go visit for the first time one of the NY Petanque clubs,  La Boule New Yorkaise and  participate at the annual club picnic and petanque tournament .    What fun!    First like anyone else in the city, you have to take the subway and walk.   That is  an experience by itself if you never took the subway before  with a bag  full of petanque balls.   But I was graciously hosted by a good  friend also a NY native who knew her way around so we got to Bryan park at ease.  As soon as you enter the park I knew that it  is a special place.   It has the feel of the Luxembourg garden in Paris.   It even has a carousel playing Edith Piaf music.  Easy to spot the courts.   They were all around the park set up for the tournament.   I was early but there were  already a few people there and I got a warm welcome from  the President of the club, Ernesto Santos  as well from the treasurer, Yngve Biltsted and Christophe Chambers, a good friend of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club .  A pleasant surprise, Carolyn Cornell from HOT was there as well.  So the club was well represented .  We acutely battled for third place against each other, too funny.   They had people all the way from Australia as well as many locals players from clubs around the NY  state.     It was a triplette  carousel style meaning you don’t get to pick your partner and you change your two  partners every time you play a round.  That was a great style  to be able to meet and mingle with everyone.   Off course la Boule New Yorkaise as a reputation of having good players and in that style tournament.   If you want to carry you team across  you have to be extra good to place in the first 3 teams.

I had the opportunity to play against and with some of those great players like Ti who as representing the US team several times at the world championships.   Everyone stopped playing around noon and we had  a giant picnic with great food and fun.   The games started at 10 am and didn’t finish before 6 pm.  Since it is in the middle of the city and there are a lot tourists, many people were watching the games standing or sitting, taking pictures and asking questions about the game,  commenting and sometime applauding.   The representatives of the HOT  club finished well Carolyn Cornell finished in fourth place   Here the list

1st place

Michele Carcenac LBNY)
Leyla Biltsted (LBNY)
Chris Artis (LBNY)

2nd Place
Richard “Ti” Meas (LBNY)
Peter Corbett (LBNY)
Zac Campbell ( Australia
3rd place
Arsene Dupin (HOT Petanque)
Carmen Converse (LBNY)
Pierre Perrier  (Boule Larchmontaise)

What a great tournament it was and a pleasure to meet everyone.   And who said that NY people are not friendly?   La bouleNY  plays everyday in the park and also gives free petanque lessons      Vive La Boule New Yorkaise and thank you for a good time.

A + LOVE Arsene


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