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Hello everyone and welcome.    Sunday April 3 rd at the French Legation  Museum.  We started weeks ago doing the preparations.   We did a full gardening job on those beautiful Museum grounds as well as building  new courts.    We doubled the number of teams from last year.   This year teams even came from as far away as Michigan, Florida ,California, North Carolina  and the local clubs from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin.

We started at 9 AM  sharp and the games went on until 6:30 p.m..   There were seven groups of four.   We were able to all take a pause at lunch and eat together with of course food from the famous chef Michel Costa, Jacques Richard.   Speaking about famous!   We had some celebrity players that came to Austin .   The  French honoree Consul of San Antonio James Lifshutz  ,  Pat Hazell ( the writer for Seinfeld), professor extraordinaire David Edwards, and the list goes on.

We had the two semi finals and the final  on our brand new courts,   HOT was well represented.  We had 3 teams in the semi finals, as well as a team from Michigan and the famous duo Juan Garcia and Pascal Corchia.    There is room for improvement on those courts but that made it a difficult and  really excited final.   For the trophies ceremony we had  Matt Curtis the Communications Director at City of Austin Offices of Mayor Lee Leffingwell giving away the HOT trophies.

winning teams were from HOT.  Congratulations to you on behalf of the club.

First place:  Juan Garcia and Pascal Corchia  (Miami and France )

Second place: Earl and Trevor Lowell   ( Heart of Texas Austin )

Third place: Magical Mystical Michael and Rick Armstrong ( Heart of Texas Austin )

Congratulation to you all and a big standing ovation to everyone who participated and help in any way putting on this  legendary tournament.  We are looking forward inviting all of you again next year.  More photos to come.

A + LOVE Arsene


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the beautiful organization of the people
    Of austin .thanks to all the friendship and fair play of all
    The competitor.see you next year.

    • Pascal, it must be nice to play your little game instead of paying child support. DEAD BEAT DAD you owe $6800.00 is back child support!!

  2. Thank you, HOT, for your hospitality and hard work in organizing this great event. A good time was had by all! Congrats to the winners. Regards, Andy

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