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Hello and welcome everyone.    Two tremendous day for Petanque in Austin Tx.  First we started we a royal command from the City of Austin that promoted the game of petanque for the first time in history of TX  and The Heart of TX Petanque club was  future at ART CITY AUSTIN on Saturday April 2 rd   A festival that gather around 15000 people to come see extraordinaire  quality artists from all over the nation.  The petanque courts were located across from City hall.    The players already in town for the tournament the next day  came to practice and did demonstrations games for the general public from 10 AM to 6PM.   A slice of the French culture was represented in full with experienced players.   The public was intrigued by the game and we did spent time to teach it to everyone who  wanted to learn.  It was surely a step stone for the game.  We had tremendous participation of club members to put on  such an event like this . The next day Sunday April 3rd   we had our third annual HOT tournament at the French Legation Museum.  

A+ Love Arsene


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