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e.   Hello everyone and welcome. HOT had just their second annual Panache triplette tournament.   The tournament is open to everyone who is a club member but Texas as a big heart and anyone could become a member if they wanted to play that day.  So we are proud to welcome 5 new club members who signed in the day of  the competition.  Sweet great to have you on board.   HOT Panache as  club rules,  all the teams are picked out of the magic hat.   Pure luck of who is going to be your other two partners,  and you do remain with those partners for the rest of the tournament.  But as we have seeing in the past luck of the draw takes over and all of the teams were really well balanced.  As the matter of fact it was unreal how that turned out to be.   Perfect draw.   We had 30 players so two groups of 5 battling each other from 10 AM to 7:45 PM non stop.   It was a long format tournament  because each teams had the opportunity to play against each other.   The games were  one after the other you had to remain vigilant and strong of mind to go all the way to the final.  To arrive in the final you had to play 8 games.   Some of those took over an one hour and a half to finish.   Everyone had a full day of hard competition and a great time.  Looking for again for next year.  No prizes money but the first 3 teams had a great cups and  home made medals and of course the right to brag and a lot of love .   Here the results. Congratulations to all of you.

First place:    Arsene Dupin, Rick Armstrong, Xavier Artot

Second place:  Amine Najah,Dan Power, Jeffrey Schryer

Third place: David Edwards,Earl Lowell, Hall Strickland

A + LOVE Arsene


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