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HOT NEWS! On The Dirt Circuit again

Hello everyone and welcome.     Here I am on the road again  this time for six months touring  Renaissance  festival.   Starting with one of the most beautiful one in the country Colorado Renaissance Festivalt .   Among ourselves doing The Renaissance Faire circuit , we call it  being  On The Dirt Circuit because we are always in the middle of the wood most of the year going from festival to festival .  Well for Petanque it is a good thing, we have great challenging pistes all around the ground.  The Co Festival is no exception.   And because we are at over 7000 ft you can imagine that the ground is not completely flat.   I started teaching the game on the circuit some 30 years ago by bringing balls from France when you could take them on the plane with you.  By now  most everyone who learned it  have their own balls and most of them get to play at every  festivals every Monday morning when the festival is closed  to the general public.  It was great to see friends again that I didn’t get to play with for long time.  Some of us get follow the same circuit at several festivals during the year but some other you get to play with them only once a year for the duration of one festival that usually last 8 weeks so we get 8 Monday’s to enjoy it .    We get to see some very talented players because we are among jugglers, acrobats ,sword swallower trapeze artists etc… and hand and eye coordination is a must.   Most likely you will never get to see any of those players in any competitions around the world but I can assure you the levels of games are really high.  If you happen to be around this part of the country come see the show and play with us


A + LOVE Arsene


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