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Hello and welcome everyone.    Yesterday  I reconnected with the Petanque Club of Colorado Springs that I originally started 4 years ago  with Henry  Chaperon the owner of  La Petite Maison French restaurant.  It was great to see that the group kept going.  They played all winter at a different place in a public park near downtown.  Their level of play did step up quite a bit.  Yesterday was the first time they started to play again at the court we builded .  Henry last year  closed la Petite Maison and a  new management took over, now named. FaerieTales Bakehouse and Catering Serving Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas 719~375~5651 1015 West Colorado Avenue, COlorado SPrings, CO, 80904  So the new owner had no conception of the game of petanque and no idea what this field behind the restaurant was all about  but some how a bunch of strangers started to show up to on her property.  So that was kind of interesting to manage to explain to them that we are a really good group of great, fun, loving people who will take over their property once a week and as we did with Henry  an avid petanque player .  In counter part we will have dinner with the group after the games. So  I first went there to clean up the court early in the afternoon they almost called security on me somehow  but noticed that I was kneeling down pulling of  lots of grass of the ground that accumulated all winter not the kind of behavior someone will have and  to break in to your house .    A few hours later  I did meet the  two  charming new owners mother and daughter team of Marty and Lindsay Williamson.  When I first came into  the restaurant my old summer hang out I noticed that they had  redecorated Henry’s French restaurant to the theme of their new ways of cuisine.     After doing a few magic tricks and explaining the game we all felt at ease and soon after  everyone started to gather and we played until sunset.    We all set down for dinner on the patio.   The food was well priced and excellent as well as service.  Having just one court if the group keeps expanding will become too small,  but shade is a big factor and shade is available there. Great to be playing again in CO

 A + LOVE Arsene


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  1. Great to hear there others playing in Colorado!

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