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Hello everyone and welcome.   I came back to Austin from NY  to visit for a fews days because i am performing in NY at the  New York Renaissance Faire – NYC Metropolitan Area  And I got the chance to experience what everyone in TX  has been experiencing  for almost two months, a Texas-sized drought and heat wave that is setting new records.  Everyone you talk to who has been  in TX all their lives said they have  never seen anything like that before.   So we played on Wednesday afternoon at our favorite place the French Legation Museum.   But  the heat  didn’t stop about 10 members of HOT to come and play in the record heat 108*.  I must say it is strange when you kneel down to measure a point and your knee starts burning from the heat on the ground.  Most of us had to go have a drink in between each round  and put ice in the back of our necks.  But  the games were really good and precise.    Yehaaaaa to the real troupers, even when the going is rough.    A + LOVE Arsene



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