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Hello everyone and welcome.  It is good to be back home.   I am  almost finish with a 8 months tour.  I finish with the best the Texas renaissance Faire in Plantersville Texas Renaissance Festival | Renaissance Festival Events in Texas | Texas Fairs and Festivals

And of course the first thing I did after driving 1800 miles from NY was to go to one of our weekly play day at the French Legation on a Wednesday afternoon.  The core group of the club was there over 18 players played from 1 Pm to 5 Pm.  I am always amazed when I come back to see the quality of the games as well as the camaraderie among all the players.  No one is left behind.   Everyone gets to play even if the teams are uneven for a little while  because since it is practice time anyway there no point to have a person on the side line who made the effort to come play and not being able to play  because of rules.  I have seeing that in Europe so many time.   Of course they will never play 3 against 4 or 2 against 3  But also even if they had only 3 or 5  players and some new players waiting to be in a game on the side line if they didn’t know the person  they will never ask them  to join to play.  I have seeing situations where some of the players will come for one year to  some square in Paris and they were never asked to play.   When I first started the club I wanted to make sure that good players as well as beginners were able to be welcomed at any time. In the US it makes even more sense when someone come to  play during their lunch break and they only have a small window of opportunity to trough some balls.  So yes we play sometime 4 against 3 or any other combinations.   But in any case it always works out organically  teams always end up by being even always someone get to show up at the right time.  So it is not so conventional but everyone gets to enjoy the fun of the game.  In my book that what’s make the strength of a club the welcoming at any time of a new or regular player.  Keep Austin weird even in Petanque.  But of course nothing to worry in competition games are by the rules.   Come and play with us at any time you are welcome.

A + LOVE Arsene



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