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Hello and welcome everyone. I was just in France.  By the time I said hello to my family and went to do a private show in Paris  at the house where Toulouse Lautrec used to paint and leave near Le Moulin Rouge, it was time to go see my second family, the Saint Genevieve des Bois pétanque club. Let me tell you about this club they do have local champions as well as juniors, seniors state champions as well as France champions.   As soon as you walk into la buvette (little club house) you can see an impressive display of cups won by the club.   They do have an impressive set up as well regarding their courts.  They have a huge Carre d’honneur (section of courts reserve just to play the finals and semi finals).  This is  located in the middle of a huge natural park that has over 12 spotlights to be able to play at night.  So well lit that some of the pictures I took look like it was during the day.  Now lets talk about how to play humbly in this club  ? First you play with Thereze 78 years old who had played the game for over 70 years And could not play the game with her right hand any longer 2 years ago and decided to relearn the game with her left hand and still plays as well. Play with everyone over the age of 70 to 87 who  still come to play on a windy Monday afternoon with a windshield of 39 degrees.  And you can see  thirty-eight of them showed up no matter what. With canes, broken hips, hats, gloves and always a handshake before starting any games,   That’s how much they love the game.  This makes you cry.   One can sometimes get the chance to play with the young generation who is able to spin a ball right and left with a really high plombee. This club has a President Henri Garcia who is responsible for this well equipped and run Petanque club.  I am considering having them be our twin city.  Then . anyone could go and learn from playing with them and vise versa.  It was  inspirational and it is with great joy that I bring the spirit  back to Texas.

A+ Love Arsene


One Response

  1. Thank you for the info about the club in Paris.
    I try to go there next week and play a game if I can just introduce myself and find an opponent.

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