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Hello everyone and welcome!
I am proud to announce on behalf of The heart of Texas Petanque Club that we will be hosting our fourth annual Petanque tournament  on Sunday April First 2012
 in Austin Texas at the French Legation Museum 802 San Marcos Street Austin, TX 78702.
 The  tournament is open to all petanque players it is a doublette style tournament (meaning team of two with 3 balls each).  You can play with any metal petanque balls, as long as they’re within the normal size (70.5 to 80 mm).
Registration fee is $20 by person $15 by person for club members. The main trophy as always will remain in the club.  The names of the team winner will be added to it.  But cash prizes and individual trophies will be awarded to First, Second and Third place teams. Public is free.  Please bring your own lunch and beverages.
Please have your team appoints a captain, who is responsible for registration, payment and communication. Registration will start at 8:45 AM  Tournament will start at 9:30 AM  sharp.   Registration dateline is Friday March 23 2012 
Please email arsene.dupin@gmail.com or call 512 468 0957 for registering or if you have any questions.
PS, we are in need of financial sponsorship to help pay for the coming up event.  Nothing is too little.  If you have any ideas or connections with company that will love to be  represented at the tournament and helping us in the process let me know.  Thank you

A + LOVE Arsene


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