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Hello everyone and welcome!

Dan Page is a talented magician.  Sweet one more  to the club . He was born in New Hampshire, raised in the Rio Grande Valley, and has lived in Austin for the last thirty-five years.

He was introduced to the game of petanque recently and was immediately taken with it.  He  likes the way the tactics of the game changes for different court surfaces, the random way teams are selected, and the camaraderie of the players. He  also appreciates the sense of community and tradition that is inherent to the game.

He told me that his beginners’ luck seems to have run its course and he  can see that it will take some time to build himself into a better player. He appreciates the way that the more advanced players help him understand the nuances and techniques of playing the game. And the surprise of seeing people on the court that I know from other social circles is always a delight.

He looks forward to getting to know the other members of the club and one day participating in an official competition. We are very happy to have you in the club. Welcome Dan


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