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Hello everyone and welcome!

Last year was the first time we went to Lafayette.  It is  about a seven hour drive from Austin TX.    We had a fantastic time and on the top of it we even won with Amine Najah and Arsene Dupin.  This year the club wanted to defend the title so we went back and  we were  represented by Ed Priest and Tommy Wood and Rick Armstrong and Arsene Dupin.  And we won again with Rick and Arsene.  Yehaaaa.  This year again they had teams from all over the nation as well as a  professional teams who came from Poitiers France because the city of Lafayette is the twin sister city with Poitiers.  In the final it was the team from Poitiers against us.   It was a very interesting feeling for me because I had all the French speaking people rooting against me and for the French team.     Hey, I am French too.  But at this point it didn’t matter I just had to concentrate on playing  a good game.   My partner Rick did some amazing shots that turned around the game several times.  The opposite team as well were unreal.  The final went on for almost 2 hours with over 15 rounds.  It could have been anybody’s game but  we won 13/11.   We gave the public a really good game.  La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette did a fantastic job  at organizing the whole event. On Saturday they had a competition of youngsters playing with plastic boules.  It was a privilege to witness the  future generation in action.   They were fantastic.  They even had the Mayor of the city who came to support the event.   Bravo to Lafayette.

A+ Love Arsene 


1.Arsene Dupin et Rick Armstrong; Austin, Texas

2. Bernard Chasseport et Francoise Davignon; Poitiers, France

3. Al et Arlette Guarisco; Thibodeaux, Louisiana

4. Michel Costa et Nicholas Bienvenu; San Antonio, Texas


Deuxième Concour:


1. Karl Vandenhove et Christophe Pilut; Lafayette, Louisiana

2. John Hunt et Greg Conyers; Seattle, Washington

3. Marc Falgout et Dave Trainer; Lafayette, Louisiana

4. Amy Gutierrez et David Guarisco; San Antonio et Thibodeaux



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