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Hello everyone and welcome!

What a day!  We just finished our 4th annual International Petanque  Tournament.  Words are hard to find to describe everything that  happened to put  a  tournament like this together.  So I am going to just start with the winners of the tournament, Christophe Chambers (from HOT) and Joe Cortright,( from Portland Petanque Club.)   Congratulation to both of you on behalf of the club .  It was a really exciting final against the famous team who is going to represent USA at the World championship this year in Marseille, France .  But Christophe’s pointing and Jo’s shooting was so on so  that team  USA could not pass the finish line.   HOT was also well represented  for third place with Rick Armstrong ( HOT) and Magical Mystical Micheal (HOT) against Michel Costa ( San Antonio)  and Nicolas Bienvenu ( San Antonio). But again Nicolas’s shooting and Michel’s pointing got the upper hand against the HOT team.  Back to the final it was fantastic to see Christophe win.   He just became a member with  HOT a few month ago.   What a way to represent the club, again congratulations.   Speaking about congratulations, it goes also to every member  and friend that was involved with the  organization of this fabulous tournament one way or another.   Thank  you, thank you and thank you.  We had teams from France, North Carolina,California,Florida,Oregon  and everyone jump in to give a helping hand.   That the only way to make  the game  grow in the US is to work as a team.  And let me tell you I  have seen a major amount of tournaments since I was 5 years old.  But I  have rarely seen the team work  I witnessed today among all of the players.  So in my book you are all winners because you put once more the game of Petanque to a higher level of integrity.  Until next time have  a safe ride back home.  We see you soon.  A + Love  Arsene


First Place :Christophe Chambers, Joe Cortright

Second place :Juan Garcia, Pascal Corchia

Third place: Nicolas Bienvenu, Michel Costa

We like to say thank you to all of  our sponsors; Mueller,Central Market,Le Cafe Crepes,Zaytouna, Chez Nous,Music City,H.O.T.


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