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Hello everyone and welcome!

The other day I had the privilege to meet Fernando Triana from San Antonio TX.  Fernando is originally from Colombia and he is a well renowned cardiologist.  He learned the game of petanque watching the players in the south of France in St Tropez, he told me he was never invited to play  the game  even so he watched them for many months ( ah those French people?).  But that gave him the dedication to learn the game and the first thing he did back in San Antonio when he first built his house was to have a petanque court.  At the surprise of the contractors that no idea of what he was talking about.  Since than Fernando had participated at many tournaments and does have the project to have a FPUSA club in San Antonio and keeping on expending the teaching of the game to the US.   I had the opportunity to play on his courts.  It did feel like I was in Provence,perfect granite ground with shade  and regulation courts. Sweet atmosphere and of course the  welcoming was the size of  TX. 

I played with Jo Sanchez and  some of the best players in SA Nicolas Bienvenu, Michel Costa, Amy Bienvenu, Michelle  Healy,  and of course  Fernando Triana you can see him on the bottom picture on the left.  At the moment the San Antonio Petanque Club has a private setting Fernando is the contact person.   But the club have been approved for a permanent public place at Hardberger Park.  We will keep you posted.  A + LOVE Arsene


2 Responses

  1. I just returned from Provence where I watched petanque. I would like very much to learn and play the game. Please keep me informed.

    Jerry Lindner, MD


  2. I just installed a petanque court on a lot near the San Antonio River on the Mission Reach. Now I need somebody to show me how to plan!
    Drew Cauthorn–210-508-5555

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