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Hello everyone and welcome!

Linda Schryver is a member of HOT.  With her husband they  have travelled the world and first encountered and photographed the game in France.  Little did she knew she would get hooked by the game. It was in the back of her mind but she could not find a game in Tennessee where they  lived. After looking at  the photos, facial expressions of the players and parks in which they were played, her interest was peaked again.  After she married in 2006, they moved to Austin  and took off to France for their honeymoon.  They were in search of boules and pistes. They  found both. Jeffrey  played in Casis by the sea shore and she shyly watched. But these folks seemed toooo serious for her, CRAZY, as a matter of fact and women were not welcome by most of the old timers. None the less, they scored balls and brought them home playing with the kids in the grass and at any park area they could find. Still they could find no one else interested in the game.   Three years later in 2009, Jeffrey quite by accident, came across H. O. T. Petanque.  They didn’t know clubs existed here in the U.S.A.   Jeffrey whisked her up from work and took me to Pease park for a game. They were in heaven. Linda  took one look at the interesting and varied players and thought, “these are my people!!!”
“I was welcomed with open arms and am still in the midst of the best friends of a lifetime. We built a piste in the back yard and have been playing going on 3 years now. Because of the community spirit and support I have now braved a few tournaments.
I LOVE YOU !!”  Linda

A + Love Arsene


One Response

  1. Nice article. Glad to see you continuing the series.

    Gary from CarolonaPetanque

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