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Hello everyone and welcome!

On Sunday  June 3,2012.  We had our annual club Panache right before a moon eclipse at Pease Park.  It was a little late in the season of Texas to have a tournament because  the weather start  already to be  so hot.  It was no exception we did reach  95 but with clouds cover the whole day  sweet!  The location was where we first created the club.  This time it was a triplette mix Panache, meaning every time you go against a new team you have two new partner in your team at random and each time you play you keep a score card.  I learned  this system at La boule New Yorkaise club.  I had never played that format before but this type of tournament did teach me that it is a great system among clubs members.   It does  give the opportunity to everyone to have a change against the better players as well as having the chance to play with everyone. So it was the first time we did it and it was  great success. The brackets were put together and organized  by Ed priest.   Twenty four members were there.  Perfect number, that gave everyone the chance to play five games.  Everyone  played sauvage style on the running path of the park.  It is a classic format in France even in hight level competition like in Millau where  everyone plays anywhere in the park since the game is supposed to be played on any grounds.  But for players who usually play on groomed courts it is a lot more difficult to adjust.  Everyone had great fun, the food and drinks were plenty.  The games started at 9:15am and finished around 5 pm.   After calculating all the score cards of each players the results were:

Triplette First place: Tommy Wood, Ed Priest, Amine najah

Triplette Second place:  Magical Mystical Micheal, Christine Lee,  Guillaume Smith

Triplette Third place:  Bob Marshall, Matt Curtis, Peter Gray

A+ Love Arsene


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