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Hello everyone and welcome!    In any club there is people playing the game from all walk of life.  In the Heart of Texas petanque club there is no exception  we have plumber,politician,magicians,jugglers,acrobats,chiropractor,entrepreneur,restaurateur,engineer,nurses,executive chef, artistes,website designer,musicians,puppeteer,comedians,actors, etc.. and we have  Thierry and Rachel  Amisse.  Thierry  is a professional wood worker from Brittany France. He as been working with wood for 30 years.   He does have an eye for fine details that does reflect when he play the game of petanque.  They both loves to travel around the world and discover new horizon. As the matter of fact they meet each other on the road somewhere in Honduras.  Lately they returned  from a nine months trip that took them from Europe, Laos,Thailand,India,Nepal.  Thierry had  the opportunity to play  the game in many situation that many of us will never have the chance to experience. Because of his( bon vivant )attitude, he was welcomed to play with some of the local champions,gamblers and family’s. The pictures speaks for themselves. Welcome back home Thierry and Rachel and thank you for those amazing pictures that give us a different understanding of the approach of the game.

A+ Love Arsene



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  1. Great photos, Thierry. Welcome back to you and Rachel.

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