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Hello everyone and welcome.

Amine Najah (the owner of Zaytouna) and his best friend Said Faiq won the Zaytouna annual  Petanque Tournament.  No it wasn’t rigged.  They just played fantastic.  The artistic Nicolas Bienvenu and his colorful friend  from Corsica  Michel Costa took second place, in third place Tommy Wood and Abbdul Gourat from Morocco they both also played great and in  fourth place an exciting team to watch Matt Curtis and Jacques Richard . All four teams won prizes.  Twenty teams showed up around  8:30 AM After a whole night of rain everyone was wondering if the courts will be like a swimming pool the next day  but no the 8 courts were perfect.  For some of us the whole day went by really fast because many good players didn’t make to the second round.  On the other hand the rest of the qualified  teams had to battle all the way to the final.   The final was over around 7 Pm.  The games were really good to watch and  many members of HOT did spectacular.   The  Moroccan mint tea were on every tables, the smiles and friendship among all of us were radiant.  It was a day to remember on the map of Texas for Petanque. Thank to everyone who  helped the day.  Thank you to all the players who committed to this gorgeous day.   Thank you Amine for your hospitality.

A+ Love Arsene


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  1. Looks like you had a great tournament with some English weather,

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