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Hello everyone and welcome.

Truly Amine’s dream to create a Petanque Heaven is Austin came along. I remember when he used to take  me on a ride to show me a property way North of Austin and it was a rundown building with a large field on the side ?  He was so excited telling me this is the place! this the place!   Well let me tell you when someone as a dream you don’t want to disturb it.  You want to understand his vision and go along with it.  But in the back of my mind I was thinking that a lot of work ?  I don’t know how you are going to achieve that ?   But over a coffee next door he will tell me all  his plans and will say  I can built at least 16 courts there and HOT can play there and we can have tournaments on the side of the building and I can have a Moroccan lounge.  I certainly didn’t want to stop  his enthusiasm.  But so many obstacles were there.   To start with  the place wasn’t even for sale or rent?.  We kind of look trough the window to see the inside of the building? How do you start  a dream from that ? Well that didn’t stop him  and sure enough a year later the place was for rent.  He had to do so many reconstructions inside to pass  all the required codes to open such a place.  I will come visit and sure enough little by little what was a rundown building started  to shape up with construction workers everywhere and himself and his family doing hands on after his regular job.  I used to ask him when do you sleep ?  But no matter what his smile was always fresh.  And sure enough we had the opening of the Zaytouna Lounge.  Difficulties were still there after building the first 8 courts day and night  putting on tons of crushed granite and heavy railroad track beams to delimitate the courts and fence all around the property.  Than  the rain came !  And let me tell you, we are in the desert , we pray  for rain it doesn’t come too often but when it does it is Noe’s Ark  and all the courts were sweep  away .  Yes you heard me right !  All the courts and all of the crushed granite  went down the lower field and disappeared into the woods like a magic trick !  Because  all the rain from the main parking lot will evacuate all of the  water into the courts.  Unreal but he kept on smiling ! So  he  started to dig French drains in the middle of the field and the water went under the courts.   That how you built a dream my friends.  Zaytouna  annual tournament was great success.  Come to play day or night and have a fabulous mint tea and experience the Moroccan’s welcome.

Thank you Amine

A+ Love Arsene


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