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Hello everyone and welcome!

When I was looking around to see what Petanque was all about in America I met Philippe Boets only over the phone, and right away we had a good feeling as the matter of fact we talk for long time. We even realized down the road that we were at the same reggae concert back in 1978 in Jamaica.  It took me years to finally meet him in person. I was doing a show in Miami  Florida and I did make it to Amelia Island in the middle of February but not for his  tournament because most of the time I tour my show on weekends so I can rarely attend a competition.  It was a great time to finally put a face on a voice .  He gave me the grand tour of the Island, and as I was expected everyone in town was his friend.  That a sign of an open heart and you know you need a great heart to be able to organize what is now the  biggest Open tournament in the US.  The players don’t only come for the money but for the friendship.  But for that you need a leader with a heart and the love of the game and the understanding that the teaching and expending of the game comes first.  If you build it they will come. Don’t miss it  this year it is going to be again an extraordinary event.  Call him to see if there is some room left.  A+ Love Arsene

More Celebrity Pétanque in Fernandina Beach – YouTube


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