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Hello everyone and welcome.

The new dream Team Henri  Lacroix, Philippe Suchaud, Bruno Le Boursicaud, Dylan Rocher won against Thailand Thaloengkiat Phusa-At  Suksan Piachan Supan Thongphoo  Sarawut Sriboonpeng   13/3.   Dylan was the new addition this year to the French Dream Team.  He is only 20 years old and now has his first World Championship under his belt. Unreal! The whole week he did carreaux after carreaux and no exception in the final where he did a total of 6 carreaux at different distance.  That a lot pressure when you become the first shooter to replace Philippe Suchaud and have Philippe becoming second shooter.  But that also  a lot of confidence on behalf of the rest of the Team to have Dylan standing up for himself.  But his talent is just natural when he gets in his bubble no one can come close and he does carreaux after carreaux.  And of course the French crowd was supporting the Team like no one before to win the World Championship in Marseille ii is something everyone will remember for long time.  Like Maryan Barthelemy the organizer of the whole tournament said  it is not just about the game it is about a question of the Heart among the player and the public.  The French Team  had the Heart.   You could sometime hear comments during some elimination games when Suchaud had to shoot and miss you could hear Dylan saying (that’s ok it it understandable that you miss because you are not shooting in cadence ( french word for not shooting several times in the row)  no worries it is all good.  They gave confidence to each other and went of the way to the top.  There is a big celebration in town tonight for sure Henri Lacroix had the opportunity to have his whole family come to see the final because they all live in Marseille.  He said the ground was so difficult he kept the cochonnet between  6 to 7 meters because you never knew if you will make it or not at long distance because the rocks were very treacherous.

Congratulation to the French Team and every country that particpated.  thank you to


Thank you to http://www.boulistenaute.com  that always give the latest results and best pictures.

A+ Love Arsene


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