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Hello everyone and welcome.

I always respected Gypsy people and tradition .  As the matter of fact on my father side we have  gypsy Basque descendant.  There is so many different meaning in people’s mind about , what is a gypsy?  It is really too dip of a subject to develop on a Petanque blog.  But I can talk about what it does mean for me.  I am currently at the most acclaimed  Renaissance festival around the country, The Texas Renaissance Festival Festival Performers | Renaissance Festival Events in Texas | Texas Renaissance Festival nothing equal that one!   It is the biggest, the best, the most successful.  But hey!  you should  expect that from Texas.   Among all of the participants many of them travel in vans, bus, RVs to get to the next faire.  In my  book they are the last golden hearted remaining gypsies in the US.   A lot of the stage acts have been playing Petanque for years. I did teach them the game when I started the circuit myself back in 1978 ( does this make me a Gypsy ?) Anyway  every Monday’s after the festival is closed we get together and play some games.  The grounds are very difficult to play it is for sure sauvage style !  In the middle of the woods.  Their skills  improved dramatically and every time I play with them I wonder did I really start the game when  I was 5 years old? and not been able to keep up with those guys? Oh man they give me a challenge.   That is too cool to see because you will never get to  see most of them in any competition around the nation but they sure get to play a good game of Petanque.  Make sure if you come to the festival to go see them in action Greg Taylor actor extraordinaire  of Houston, who portrays the King of the Festival,   http://www.clantynker.com/It’s the Ded Bob Sho…but just before we get started here…  Douglas Rook MacPherson ,  Jon Engelk,  Alicia W ,Elliot Paul Berard Scott Spearsthe latest,  and many more….

Most of them belong to the  Heart of Texas Petanque  even so they most likely they will never meet the other club members. The festival does have an annual free  Bocce Contest on one of the Themed Weekends The Roman Bacchanal  November 3rd and 4th on the Revels Stage 11:00 The King will be there.

A+ Love Arsene


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