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Hello everyone and welcome.

The Tony Graham panache was a great success.  It is not the first time that the seniors of the club organized a tournament but this time it was the first time that we did opened it to more than our club members. Players came from different part of the State.  When you organize a tournament there is many facets to care off to try make it successful.  It is  rarely a single effort but a team work. But  among the team some stars shine like Thierry Amisse and Linda Schryver who designed and donated the magnificent  Tony Graham trophy and like  Ed Priest who was responsible  for the whole event and did a great job.  Everyone had a good time and got to play plenty games. The games started around 9:30 Am and the final didn’t finish before 6:15 PM.  Unreal on the side line in between games you could see the seniors doing yoga to stay in shape for the rest of the day. Twenty seniors were there to battle, all teams were picked out of the hat.  The winner team was a combination of a talented player from the San Antonio Petanque Club and a member from HOT.

First place : Stephen Johns and John Luther

The second team was a HOT team

Second place: Hal Strickland and Magical Mystical Micheal

The third team was also a combination of a HOT member and the famous Michel Costa from also the San Antonio Club

Third place: Dan Power and Michel Costa

The fourth team was a HOT team

Fourth place: Marie Claude Briswalder and Tommy Wood

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped organized and also to the family members and the tourists who came to see the games.

Please excuse any errors.

A + Love Arsene


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