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Hello everyone and welcome.

Pascal Regimbeau from Chez Nous restaurant

Pascal Regimbeau from Chez Nous restaurant

Like every other club, HOT always had some very interesting characters playing the game.  People come from all walk of life, the game doesn’t make any distinctions.  So sometime we get celebrities to come and enjoy the game. Here some of them who gave me permission to talk about them.

Cliff Spenger extreme right

from left to right Dreamie Walker Wood, Thomas Wood, Alicia Whiteacre, Elliot Berard, Rook MacPherson,  Cliff Spenger and in the back Gregory Taylor

The other day at the French legation Museum and at Pease Park we had Douglas Kondziolka who plays a wacky and ever faithful manservant Miguel part of  this whip-cracking, sword fighting comic duo have been spreading laughter and hilarity on the Renaissance Faire circuit, came and play the game for few hours Renaissance Festival Performers Don Juan and Miguel  We also had  Fielding West, a  famous Las Vegas Magician Official Fielding West Site, Paul Magid the original member from the Flying Karamazov Brothers FKB, Mr Fish John Lepiarz great clown from the Big Apple circus John Lepiarz – Circopedia Franko Master Hypnotist Franko Master Hypnotist  Pascal Regimbeau, creator of the famous French restaurant in Austin CHEZ NOUS  Cliff Spenger the Tree Man Walking Tree Man – Cliff Spenger  The very funny man Danny Lord Danny Lord: Humorologist | Facebook Rob William from The KamiKaze FireFlies – Home  Dan Raspyni from

Dan Raspyni in the circle, Hal Strickland

Dan Raspyni in the circle, Hal Strickland

The Raspyni Brothers – Corporate Entertainment You’ll Never Top  Thomas Wood Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler

“Il nous restera la fierté d’avoir inventé ce jeu pacifique, qui, en faisant le tour du monde, travaille modestement mais sûrement, pour le rapprochement des peuples, c’est-à-dire pour la Paix.”
– Marcel Pagnol          
 We remain proud of having invented the game peacefully, which, moving around the world, working modestly but surely, for the rapprochement of peoples, meaning for Peace.”
— Marcel Pagnol

A+ Love Arsene

John Lepiarz Mr. Fish

John Lepiarz Mr. Fish


Rob William second from right  from the Kamikaze Fireflies

From left to right Thierry Amisse, Kelsey Strauch,Rick Armstrong,Magical Micheal,Jules Mc evoy Schaefer, Rob William, Tony Agraham

Frank o in the middle

Franko the Hypnotist in the middle

On left Doug Kondziolka
From left to right Doug Kondziolka, John Luther, Ben Stitou, Ed Priest,William ,Carolyne Cornell, Arsene Dupin


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