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Hello everyone and welcome.

Amine Najah, the owner of Zaytouna Lounge started a new format of competition.  At the Lounge now every first Sunday of the month from 1Pm to dark  you can enter a doublette tournament for $5.  Ten teams of the local players showed up.  The field was full of good  players it was a mix of HOT members and Amine’s friends and even some new comers who only played a couple of times before like Micheal Hillis.

Arsene and William

Arsene and William

IMG_7503IMG_7491IMG_7492IMG_7493IMG_7495IMG_7497IMG_7498One team in particular was great to watch Amine played with his son Zayd who could not be more than height  years old and he got to see his dad  play since he was born,  you should have seen how well he was pointing and understanding the game, just unreal! We have a new generation in action. It was great to also see Christopher Chambers in action as well as Matt Curtis and many others.  I had the good fortune to have my good friend William  who come to visit me for a few days and we decided to enter the tournament together.  It was his first tournament and first time he ever played at night with lights above us.  He did so well that you could never tell that the last time he played was about seven months ago.  To enter in the final we had to win six strait games, not just a little deal with the caliber of the players there.  But we played great and even so in the final we were loosing 12/7 we managed to come back and won13/12 against the team of  Abbdul El Gourat and Jacques Richard. Thank you to Amine’s family hospitality.  This tournament will grow, don’t forget the first Sunday of every months.

A+ Love Arsene

First place:  Arsene Dupin and William.

Second place: Abbdul El Gourat and Jacques Richard.

Third place Amine Najah and his son Zayd Najah.


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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like fun. Congratulate William the next time you see him too.

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