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Hello everyone and welcome.

Jo  Sanchez, was born in 1936 in Alger ( French name for Algiers, the capital of Algeria)  At that  time Alger was French, That where he first learned how to play Petanque in 1944 with balls made with nails ( boule Cloutee). He was 8 years old. He played also Jeux Provencal as well as what used to be called La Quadrette when you play with four balls.  He started to play competition when he was 12 years old. He became Champion of France at the game of La Lyonnaise in 1952 and Champion of Alger in 1953 as well as Champion of  Bordeaux  1954.  In 1956 he first enlisted in Chasseurs d’Afrique and they saw he was good at petanque, so he became one of the players to represent the unit to play  in competition against other units.  When he came out the army he got married and started a big job and wasn’t able to play for seven years beside going just to a few competition.  But to stay in touch he financed the local teams. So he never lost the love for it. When he retired he took up a license  again to play full time at the St Genevieve des Bois Petanque club.  A club only a few minutes from my family’s place and a club that I will love to see becoming twins sister city with Austin.  That when I first meet him and I was really impressed by his style and talent. So we started to play together.  I told him about our club in Austin and he got excited about it and decided last year for the first time to come America at 76 years old.  And to participate at the HOT and Zaytouna  tournaments. It was a major  surprise to his whole family.   They started to call me and send me email to see who I was and asking questions.  What is this deal all about?. What  do you mean  Jo is going to America to play Petanque?.  Well this year he did again and he came back at 77 years old. He finished both tournament in the Quarter of finals with a partner he never met before. His talents are not just at Petanque   He also paints and play harmonica etc..  This year he took in his suitcase dozen of portrait of players that he never met before but saw them on the HOT blog and made portraits.   The suitcase was also full of  100 cochonnets all hand painted with names of clubs members on it and five  tripletttes of news balls to give away as gifts. Again he had the time of his life with everyone here and he like to thank all new friends and old friends for welcoming him in the Petanque family of  HOT and he his looking for coming back next year.

Jo Sanchez

Jo Sanchez


Hand made!

Hand made!

02.23.2010 023 (2)IMG_3759

St genevieve des Bois Petanque's  logo hand painted by Jo

St genevieve des Bois Petanque’s logo hand painted by Jo

If you have a story, let  me  know I will publish it.

(Black and white picture by Mark Greenburg)

A+ Love Arsene.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed Jo’s artwork very much and it is nice to know a bit more about him now. I’m glad that he gets the chance to play Petanque again. I can honestly say that I didn’t know that he was 77 years old either! I thought he was younger.

  2. […] very special guest is Jo Sanchez, a former national champion of both France and Algeria. Jo makes the trek from Paris, France […]

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