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Hello everyone and welcome.

About 30 years ago I had the opportunity to meet  a remarkable man,Dr. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, the director of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. TIGERS | The Institute of the Greatly Endangered and Rare Species | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We became friends instantly  and with his blessing I was able to perform for several years a big illusion show around the country with a tiger, python, liger, ferret, black panther and a lion. Oh yes, this is true!  It was just unreal! Every magician  dreams of making a tiger appear or disappear out of nowhere.  But with Bhagavan, the dream became reality.  But his magic doesn’t stop there.  He also has one of the greatest shows on earth. I just came back from  his Myrtle Beach Safari tour, and had the chance to experience what everybody does when they go there and participate.  That is to have the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the world largest variety of animals. This experience just doesn’t exist anywhere else on this planet. This unique opportunity, to be able to hold a tiger or to be interactive with a 9000 pound elephant, or to get play with an orangutan is magical.  Where in the world do you get to come  close to even dreaming about something like that.  Well, Bhagavan  had the vision and made it reality.  For him and his staff it is not a job it is a way of life, a way to change the world!  Save the tigers, save the world!  Like Marcel Pagnol said about petanque

“Il nous restera la fierté d’avoir inventé ce jeu pacifique, qui, en faisant le tour du monde, travaille modestement mais sûrement, pour le rapprochement des peuples, c’est-à-dire pour la Paix.”
– Marcel Pagnol          
 We remain proud of having invented the game peacefully, which, moving around the world, working modestly but surely, for the rapprochement of peoples, meaning for Peace.”
— Marcel Pagnol

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your whole family to Myrtle Beach Safari. You will remember it for the rest of your life.

A+ Love Arsene

Hey my petanque ball!

Hey that my petanque ball!

primate1 (56)orang (52)

He only as eye for my wife.

He only has eye for my wife Joan.

chimp (27)lap5 (23)cub2 (45)cub3 (46)

I used to ride Bubbles when he was five year old at Magic conventions. He is now thirty two.

I used to ride Bubbles when she was five years old at Magic conventions. She is now thirty two.

ele2 (27)

And now allow me to demonstrate what a Carreaux feels like! Going, going, going

Let me demonstrate what a carreaux feels like


And gone

And gone!

On right my friend Dr. Bhagavan "Doc" Antle

On the right Dr. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle.  Merci pour tout

The gorgeous tiger staff. From left to right, Rajani, Moksha, Ojas, China and in the back, Bhagavan.

The gorgeous tiger staff. From left to right, Rajani, Moksha,Bhagavan, Ojas, and China.

Arsene's magic show around 1983 with Doc's tiger.

Arsene’s magic show. Lady to tiger illusion around 1983 with Bhagavan’s tiger.


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