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Hello everyone and welcome.

Back in Colorado, where petanque is still strong!  A few years back in Colorado Springs I helped creating courts and setting up a schedule at my friend Henry’s French restaurant, but since than he decided to close the restaurant and to rent it. Funny enough each time a new owner will set up they will have no idea what those courts were about in the back of the property.  It took the dedication of  Virginia Fox the leader of the club and talk to each new owners and  explain that they are petanque courts and that they should give them the permission to keep on playing on it.  So up to today the club is still welcomed on it, and the new owners at the moment are Tabor Mountain Bakehouse{Embracing The Connection Between Food, Health & Wellness} – Tabor Mountain   The club plays there every Thursday night during the summer. The skills of the club improved big time.   When I return in CO, it is to participate at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and  I get to play also with my talented  friends that I only get to see once a year.  It is always a lot of fun.  We play every Monday’s  on site when the festival is closed. Every year  there is some new acts, this year The Vodca Family  is one of them, a magnificent group of gypsy entertainers. I did get the chance to initiate them to Petanque and since they are talented dancers and drummers they pick it up really fast. Check out also the returning favorites like Great balls of Fire Dan Hasselius an amazing fire master, Skidmark the village Beggar , my new juggling assistant Alicia Whiteacre  and many more, all of them are great players. Entertainment ~ Colorado Renaissance Festival. Most of them get to go to CO Springs to play with the local club during the week  and we also are going to have the chance to go visit the new club in Denver The Milehigh Petanque club.

For information about the Colorado Springs Petanque Club. Please contact Virginia Fox email vkfox@vkfox.com

A+ Love Arsene

The main group of CO Springs Petanque club From left to right : Luba,

The main group of CO Springs Petanque club, from left to right Luba, John,  Larry, Christiane, Jeff, Virginia and Rob

They play,rain or shine!

They play,rain or shine!

A great location also for them to play, the Westside Community Center

A great location also for them to play, the Westside Community Center


Petanque ballet!

Petanque ballet at the CO Renaissance!


Colorado Renaissance Festival players

Colorado Renaissance Festival players, from left to right Dan,? Stephanie,Alicia,Travis, John,Whitney,Teresa and Shawn



3 Responses

  1. Hi Arsene,
    I really need to thank you. Last year I was due to go to Colorado Springs for a course in October. I was only to be there 5 days, but I wanted to see if they had a Pétanque club. It was through your blog I discovered there was and, by a devious route, I was able to make contact with Virginia Fox via the restaurant owner!

    As a result, I spent a very enjoyable evening with the club, playing pétanque and eating at the restaurant. They are a great, friendly bunch and I like to think I am now an honorary member! (Well, Virginia kept me on their mailing list)

    I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in the north of England. We started the Harrogate Montpellier Pétanque Club ( http://harrogatempc.org/ ) last year. The pitches are right in the town centre and alongside a beautiful parkland known as The Stray. We play Tues & Thurs evenings and on Sunday mornings throughout the summer.

    If you’re ever over here, do let me know. We’d love to meet you.

    One day I hope to return to Colorado Springs for another game, but thank you again for introducing me to the club.



  2. Fantastic, I am glad it worked out for you. That is what the game of petanque is all about, having great friends, sharing and love!

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