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Christophe and Jim

Christophe and Jim


From left to right Olivier,Amine,Christophe and Jim

From left to right Olivier,Amine,Christophe and Jim

Hello everyone and welcome.

Petanque is strong in Austin every month there is a tournament at Zaytouna and the field is getting bigger every tine especially since during the day in Austin it is about 103 degree. So petanque players come and play at night .

Christophe Chambers and Jim Schwobel won the Zaytouna monthly tournament tonight for the 2nd consecutive month. There were 8 teams playing and although the tournament started promptly at 7:00 pm, the final game finished at 2:30 am with a crowd of 30 enthusiastic and knowledgeable spectators rewarding good plays with clapping and cheering.
The final game was against Amine Najah and Olivier Simondet which Christophe and Jim won 13-11 in a really great game filled with timely pointing and shooting by all players. Several ends featured multiple outstanding points and shots by both teams.
Christophe and Jim lead early 8-2 (one end winning 4 points, then Amine and Olivier came roaring back and led 9-8, then later, 11-10. The final end started with Amine and Olivier leading 12-11 when Christophe and Jim had two points on the ground with three boules in hand when Amine and Olivier ran out. In my book all teams that participated won! because they keep on putting the game of petanque on the map of Texas yehaaaaa
Thank you for participating at the monthly Zaytouna tournament.
A+ Love Arsene

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