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Hello everyone and welcome.

Austin is happy to have Rudy LaGrange  moved  from California to TX, he is an expect players, as the matter of fact we did Le Mondiial a Millau together a few years back.  So I know he can win! and that what he did with Amine at the Zaytouna monthly tournament against Alain and Micheal Hillis  in the final 13-12.  It was a well fought match where Alain and Micheal battled from behind, but fell short.   This was on the heels of the same matchup in the preliminaries where Rudy and Amine battled back similarly, but were victorious!

It was another  great evening at Zaytouna.  A rain shower about an hour before the games started cooled things off a bit and softened the surface.   Rain is gold in TX.

A+ LOVE   Arsene

From left to right Rudy,Amine,Alain Micheal.

From left to right Rudy,Amine,Alain, Micheal.



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