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Hello everyone and welcome.

This is not a Marco Foyot tour, but our friend and Vice President of HOT, Jim Schwobel as been now in France for over a month and he is certainly enjoying discovering the birth place of Petanque.  Jim is doing a tour of most major boulodrome around France like Millau, la Ciotat, Marseille etc..   Also making friends with players who eventually will come to play at our HOT tournament.   After visiting Millau he spent so far 12 days in La Ciotat where he received a very warm welcome by the two clubs located there. Along with giving him all kinds of shirts, key chains, etc, one even gave him a membership card!   He played so far 6 tournaments and will play this weekend in the singles tournament at Jules le Noir. This will be his “final exam” as in the next few days, he will leave for Toulouse where he is already invited to go play there.  A few days ago with his English friend Raymond who moved to La Ciotat a couple of years ago because he enjoys petanque so much, they went to several nearby towns to see sites related to petanque and played in Bandol, Sanary sur Mer, Cassis and Marseille.  While  Jim was Marseille  he visited la Boule Bleue, the  factory gave him a grand tour.   He also went to the FFPJP headquarters where I bought a bunch of gifts (pins, jacks, medals, etc.) He also visited the Mondial la Marseillaise headquarters where he was given a DVD of the 50th anniversary tournament  and the program for the 2013 tournament. It was too early to register for 2014!!! ( by the way registration is in July).  He also visited the store “72% Petanque”, which is not really related to petanque except that they are famous for making hand soaps in the shape of boules – with 72% olive oil. Thank you Jim, you are making us envious.

A+ Love Arsene




The source of all.

The source of all.


Visiting La Boule Bleue.


La Boule Bleue.

La Boule Bleue.

La Boule Bleue.


Who is Henri Salvador?  beside the fact that he was a major star as a musician,comedian,actor, he was great petanque player.

Henri Salvador – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Henri Salvador – Le Gin (Pub Américaine) – YouTube


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