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Hello everyone and welcome.

Meet, The Mile High Petanque Club (MHPC) in Denver Colorado.  Their President is David Keil, he told me, that he is so very glad that the club has joined the FPUSA  at such an exciting time!  He first learned about pétanque from his future father-in-law while living in western France in 1997-1998.  He immediately took a liking to the game, and looked forward to every match.  Before and after his  wedding in Clisson, France in 2001, his American friends and family were all able to connect and understand his wife’s French family passion for the game, where everyone played by the same simple rules. His father in-laws offered him several sets of pétanque boules as a wedding gift that year.  When his wife Delphine and David bought their first house, they rapidly constructed their first backyard piste, that became the place to go for numerous social gatherings to play Petanque.  In 2007, in order to make the game more competitive David and some of his friends established the West Central Suburbian Boules League (WCSBL).  Around that time many other backyard terrains springing up all over the Denver metro area.  In the last few years the rising presence and popularity of pétanque brought the league into contact with numerous other individuals in the area who were hoping to also learn the game. David recognized a real need to expand into public spaces that would allow games for all different skill levels, while allowing those new to the game a chance to learn from experienced players.  With that in mind, the Mile High Pétanque Club was created in 2013 where they get together and play at the beautiful Centennial Gardens, (check for schedule on their site).  When I first met David I could tell his enthusiasm for the game, as the matter of fact one of the thing Marco Foyot told me was, that he was very impress by the fact that David and his Vice President Steve Lessard came all the way to New Mexico to take his clinic.  MHPC will organize and host their first Regional tournament in Denver on 26th and 27th of July 2014. Let’s support them.  Merci.



David Keil.

David Keil.

Members of The Mile High Petanque Club.

Members of The Mile High Petanque Club.


H.O.T meet MHPC for the first time July 2013.

H.O.T meet MHPC for the first time in July 2013 in Denver.

 A+ Love Arsene



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