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Hello everyone and welcome.

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to visit my second Petanque Club in Australia, the Camberwell Petanque Club.

Richard Tarlinton the President of the club and Sue Gray the Secretary  graciously came to pick me up to go to Camberwell.  Wow!  what a facility they have, just unreal!  the kind of set up every clubs dreams about.   The club is located at Lynden Park, Camberwell,  at the former Burwood Bowling Club.  They do have the one of the best playing facilities in Australia and a wonderful clubhouse.  They share the facility with the Veteran Car Club of Australia and the Girl Guides.  In 2012, their club was selected to hold the National Doubles Championships and this year they were selected to hold the National Triples Championships.  Many of  the members  eat and drink all together after the games and it was no exception that night!  The food was unreal, even some emigrated French players  had handmade some rillettes,  I felt like I was back in France.  The games were great and welcoming, everyone get to play against each other, they all put balls in a large plastic bucket and select teams by random and after each games, they redraw the balls, a great opportunity to meet everyone and to encounter different type of players, and you get to become instant friends with everyone. We all played until sunset. When about 2000 parrots flew over the courts, I felt that club was blessed. Thank you to all club members for your welcoming.  Merci


A+ Love Arsene.


Richard Tarlinton, president of the Camberwell club.

IMG_7810 IMG_7813 IMG_7816


Sue Gray showing me the bell that start and finish the timed games.



Handmade clock that you can see from every courts for times games.

IMG_7823 IMG_7830 IMG_7832 IMG_7836 IMG_7844


Nice innovative scoreboard.

IMG_7854 IMG_7860

Felix in action!

Felix in action!




Felix on the left emigrated from France to Australia for years, what a great guy! and a fantastic player you will never know he is 78 years old!

IMG_7884 IMG_7886 IMG_7888

Thousand of Parrots

Thousand of Parrots

IMG_7895 IMG_7899


A wonderful couple from France.

IMG_7907 IMG_7908





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