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Hello everyone and welcome

This weekend was the 6th Annual International Petanque Tournament in Lafayette Louisiana.  Twenty teams from France, Texas and Louisiana participated in the Lafayette International Petanque Tournament . Participants came from the Heart of Texas (HOT) Petanque Club from Austin and from the Swamp Petanque Club from Thibodaux. Defending champions Bernard Champey and Geraldine Ortis came from Ardeche, in the Rhone –Alpes Region of France. Rounding out the other players and the curious were many residents from the Acadiana Region.
The recent news team formed with Thierry Amisse from France and Hasu Patel from India are on the roll, and they just won the 6th Annual Lafayette Tournament !  Wow!  Hasu Patel didn’t even know what the game of Petanque was seven months ago, but he did play cricket all his life, he learned the game  with  HOT free petanque lessons at Paggi Square as well as with Thierry Amisse with an intense training in his driveway, well the results are showing, unreal, because they also just won the Zaytouna Lounge and two weeks later they do it again as a team and win Lafayette, congratulations to both!   They didn’t have an easy team to win against because they were playing against the Champions from the last year Tournament.  The team was composed of Bernard Champey ( World Champion of  boules Lyonnaise) and his companion Geraldine Ortis who come  from a Petanque players family.   It was a pretty close game, the crowd really appreciated watching it but at the end Thierry and Hasu won 13/12.  Bravo!   It is now the fourth year that represents of Austin Texas participate and wins the Lafayette Tournament congratulations to all participants and to the organizers of this sweet Tournoie Francais.  Merci.

A+ Love Arsene.


From left to right Mike Leblanc President of the Lafayette club, Christophe Pilut the Tournament organizer, Hasu Patel and Thierry Amisse.


From left to right Geraldine, Thierry,Bernard, Hasu.

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