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Hello everyone and welcome.

Yes the superstars of Petanque are coming to Austin Texas unreal!   ThinkTanque is hosting The P’tit Louis at the Bloor Ranch.  This is unbelievable  Marco Foyot is coming back to Austin  and  Henry Lacroix is coming to America for the first time and out of all places he is coming to Austin Texas, yehaaaaa!   If you don’ know who Henry Lacroix is?   Well let me tell you, he is from France born in La Seyne sur Mer. He won the Master of Petanque, he is 8 times World Champion, one time Europe Champion,  7 times French Champion and the list goes on and on and on. He usually plays the role of pointer or middle representing France with the Dream Team.   When I was in Millau a few years back I had the great opportunity to meet with Henri and to watch him play.  A lot to learn from him, his technique, his concentration, his motivation  and his approach to tactic of the game and team work. I have seeing him expressing his joy by jumping  in the arms of his friends Philippe Quintais  and Philippe Suchaud  after winning major events.  What a blessing! to be able to have him coming to the P’tit Louis in Austin.  And yes Marco Foyot is coming back after his very successful tour in the US,  he is bringing  his friend, Bernard Martin with him and they will play together. We will also have Richard Trani a native of France who will play with Henri Lacroix, we will also have the Team from Canada to defend their  P’tit Louis tittle that they won in New Mexico in 2013.  And many more brilliant players. See you there,  don’t miss this event this is the real deal  and a unique chance  to be among the stars.  Saturday 26 April ,Sunday 27 April for more information go to   http://www.lamesapetanque.com/registration.html

A+ Love Arsene

2013 Winners of the P'tit Louis The Canadian Team.

2013 Winners of the P’tit Louis The Canadian Team.


Marco Foyot  in Austin Texas.

Marco Foyot in Austin Texas.

Henri in action.

Henri Lacroix in action,also coming to Austin.


From left to right Quintais, Lacroix, Suchaud


In Millau, France 2010

In Millau, France 2010 from left to right Henri, Arsene, Philippe.



Richard Trani on left.

Richard Trani on left.

The finalist of the P'tit Louis 2013.

The finalist of the P’tit Louis 2013.





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