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Hello everyone and welcome.

ThinkTanque is on !  Because of some last minute situation, Austin is not going to have the pleasure to see some of the World Champion that we were expected  to see like  , Henri Lacroix, Marco Foyot and Richard Trani, but the good news is that ThinkTanque is full on!   As well as the full purse of $10,000 is still on. Thank you Jeffrey. We still have plenty of fantastic  players coming to town, as the matter of fact we even have the team who represented USA at the World Championship in Marseille, Pascal Corchia and Juan Garcia,  Bernard Martin will be playing with Yannick Laulhé  and many more, so games are on.

On Friday 25 April  ThinkTanque will welcome the players at the Bloor Ranch  and BBQ from noon to 8 pm.  You will have a  chance to practice on those 100 courts! Yes did I say 100 courts, Jeffrey and Linda Schryver don’t do things half way! What about the Hangar  100ft long x 60ft wide x 20ft high Boom!  For the last few month Jeffrey is on the land day and night to make it right, because not only he will have an international Petanque Tournament, but he also will have many great bands  coming to the Bloor Ranch.  It is so exciting!  Thank you Jeffrey and Linda for putting up this great event.  Draw of the teams will be at 8:30 AM sharp on Saturday. Games will start at 9 AM. Deadline to register is Fri. 4/25/14.   Christophe Chambers will be running the tournament with his knowledge and skills you can be sure it will efficient.  So don’t miss it, music headliners  camping and coolers, no parking fees, Ricard snow cones, clothing optional beaches, rifle range, brisket, ribs etc…
ThinkTanque at Bloor Ranch: 12032-11952 Blue Bluff Rd Manor, TX 78653.

A+ Love Arsene.



Jeffrey at work

Jeffrey at work



And it is up!

The Bloor Ranch Hangar.

The Bloor Ranch Hangar.


You can't survive in Texas without a pit. ThinkTanque at Bloor Ranch

You can’t survive in Texas without a pit.
ThinkTanque at Bloor Ranch

Bloor Ranch entrance.

Bloor Ranch entrance.




100 courts.

100 courts.




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