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Hello everyone and welcome.

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club has gone to Dallas to participate at the Jean Lafont  Tournament for a few years now. Jean Lafont’s  friends created this tournament in his honor.  Jean used to come and play in Austin before HOT was born.  He was one of the finest and most influential chefs in Dallas.  Jean was a gentle, caring, immensely talented man who influenced many people during his 35 years in Dallas. There are many chefs and restaurateurs in Dallas who owe their careers to LaFont. He also, of course, was a great Petanque player.  This year for the  3rd Lafont Memorial  15 teams gathered from different part of Texas.  This was my first time and as well for my partner Jim Schwobel to come to Dallas to participate in the tournament.  We were pressured by the fact that HOT had won first place last year with Amine Najah and Earl Lovell.  When we arrived.   We were so pleased to see how beautiful those courts were.   The 9 courts were under the shade of beautiful trees.  They were all framed with ropes, all labeled and all had scoreboards.   The area was well groomed and with great benches all around. Wow!  What a beautiful setting for a great tournament. We were there early but the President of the club Nicolas Taquet and the tournament director Cesar Maksoud ( who will become soon the President of the Dallas Club) and Bill Baker were there doing the last minutes touches.  The teams started to show up and everyone had the chance to practise.  It was a Swiss system set up that leaves no room for mistakes.  To get to the final you had to play seven times.  We got to win all of our games and finish first.  The competition was stiff and with court advantage for the local players we had to play good to stay alive.  In the final against Patrick Blanco  and Richard Fernandez two accomplished players ( as the matter of fact Patrick was the champion of  Bordeaux, France, when he was younger)  Jim pointed real good, but Patrick will shoot him out often with some carreaux and Richard will point back in place and at my turn I will shoot.  But we started by loosing 3/0, 3/1, 7/1 and slowly by slowly we got back 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/7 and we jumped ahead 8/7, 9/7,  11/7, 11/9, 11/10  and finished 13/10. Wow!  Trust and Believe was my inner conviction and we stayed strong all the way. What a nail bitting game.  For the first time in a long time I got to be the shooter in a competition and I really enjoyed myself and yes, I did good.  Congratulations to everyone who participated, thank you for hosting such a great tournament, thank you for Jean Lafont’s daughters who came to visit and talk with the players, thank you for the great breakfast and lunch that was provided for players, and thank you to the Dallas Petanque Club to keep on promoting the game of Petanque in Texas.  This was another great event for the Central Region to remember.  Merci.

A+ Love Arsene.



This is one of Jean Lafont’s daughter, Mireille.


This picture was taken around 2007 in Austin Jean on the extreme top right.

In yellow this is another daughter of Jean Lafont.

In yellow this is another daughter of Jean Lafont. Marise.


Nice shade for every courts. In Texas to s gold.



Nice, 73, 690!


IMG_9815 IMG_9790 IMG_9765 IMG_9764 IMG_9754

IMG_9741IMG_9729 IMG_9706

unnamedIMG_9700 IMG_9697 IMG_9695 IMG_9689 IMG_9687 IMG_9685 IMG_9669unnamed






Bill Baker in action.

Bill Baker in action.


Cesar at the registration table, always smiling and welcoming.  Soon to be the new President o f the Dallas Petanque Club

Cesar at the registration table, always smiling and welcoming. Soon to be the new President o f the Dallas Petanque Club


Nicolas Taquet, the current President about to pass the torch to Cesar.

Nicolas Taquet, the current President about to pass the torch to Cesar.




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  1. Hello à vous 2. Bravo Arsene et Jim. Tu vois avec de la patience on y arrive à gagner un jour et c’est le cas pour vous 2. Jim doit être contant d’avoir gagné. Félicitations à vous et encore bravo ça me fait plaisir. Pour moi ça commence à aller mieux, à partir d’aujourd’hui le 9 je peux reprendre les boules, car depuis que je suis parti d’Austin j’ai été opéré et je n’ai pas put joué à la pétanque.Bis à vous tous JO [?][?].

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