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Hello everyone and welcome.


Being a good Petanque player doesn’t mean you can teach the game well.  Being a good teacher doesn’t mean you can play the game well. How do you find the perfect combination?  Well, to be a teacher you have to have a lot of patience, dedication, inspiration, compassion, cooperation, determination, generosity, kindness, passion, etc.. The Heart of Texas Petanque Club has been teaching the game to new players as well as seasoned players for many years. Having professional players like Marco Foyot coming to our club to teach us, gave us a greater vision of how to teach the game. So by now people start to know that we have free lessons every Saturday at our location in Paggi Square and any time at the French Legation Museum. We have great groups from all walks of life that take the gift of free lessons and come and learn the game. Like the A&M French Club who came recently to experience a slice of the French culture. One of our teachers, Micheal Hillis took the time to even miss a tournament to make sure that this group would  have the opportunity to learn. Wow! Now that is dedicationt! Thank you Micheal for doing that. The game of Petanque is still unknown from the general public in America.  (What Petonke?   You are not from around here, boy!)  So teaching is the way to make the game grow.  It is great to see that most clubs around America have free daily lessons like La Boule New Yorkaise, where even the Bryan Park management pays for teachers. Keep teaching America! In the next ten years, everyone will know about the game of Petanque. Don’t forget Saturday 31 May 2014 at the Historic Hangar in Austin TX,  the First HOT Singles Petanque Tournament.  See you there.

A+ Love Arsene.


A&M French Club and Micheal in the center.

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Teaching TX tv channel.

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Teaching with fun.


Teaching with style!



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Anyone can learn.

Anyone can learn.







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