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Hello everyone and welcome.

When I am in Colorado I always look forward to play with the Mile High Petanque Club in Denver.   They have a new location where they practice every Wednesday 5 to 7/30 at Common’s Park (1800 Little Raven St. Denver).( Check their website for schedule details).  That location is much more visual to the general public because everyone take a walk in the park.   I went there with a friend, Scott from the Colorado Renaissance.  At my surprise the location felt like playing at the Luxembourg garden in Paris with nice graveled path in between big trees with shade.   Two players from the Country of Togo where there, as well as the President of the club, David Keil.   We needed to have a an extra player to make it a triplette, and the fact that now this location is more public to promote the game did prove right!   A guy on bicycle stopped by (Rob) and asked what kind of game we were playing, David ask him to see if he wanted to have a try at it, he answered yes and he turned out to be a natural and he played with us until the end of the game even so it started to rain real hard.  Bravo Rob!

It was great fun.   The Mile High Club is hosting their first Regional Tournament  Saturday, July 26th and Sunday  July 27th in Denver Colorado.

A+ Love Arsene


From left to right David Keil, Ade Tona, Rob, Scott ,Boris Expon, Arsene.

IMG_1881  IMG_1883 IMG_1884


Looks like a carreau on the way to me!


In the rain!


Rob’s first time playing the game.




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