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Hello everyone and welcome.

The ‘RESCU’ name stand for: Renaissance Entertainers Service Crafters United.  The pursuit of charity status was completed in 2003 and the RESCU Foundation,Inc. emerged in the spring of 2004 with a plan, a dream, and the endless energy of veteran participants of festivals.  To date RESCU has disbursed over $450,000 worth of medical aid. http://www.rescufoundation.org

The community of travelers of the Renaissance Festivals circuit never cease to amaze me!    So to support RESCU I organized the first RESCU Singles Petanque Tournament Sauvage style.  The town of Larkspur let RESCU take over the entire Town Park.   It was full of activities for all ages that included games, auction, prizes,live music, live entertainment and a petanque tournament.   The entry fee was  $10, it was all donated to RESCU.  Ten players showed up, some of them barely knew how to play but wanted to support the event.   We had  ” Bear” a young talented juggler, we had the amazing  massage therapist  “Irish” , we also had some veterans players like Virginia and Jeffrey who came from Manitou Springs to represent the Pikes Peak Petanque club from Colorado Springs, we had John Engel a talented player, we had Scott Wegener Brady’s Dad of the famous Ye Klass Klowne , as well as the Louie and AJ from the London Broil Show http://www.thelondonbroilshow.com, we had John M a crafter extraordinaire. And last but not least,  Carly the Mermaid, who charmed everyone and took care of  the registration and scoring table https://www.facebook.com/lillian.grey.3?fref=ts  You can see all of them at the Colorado Renaissance Festival   http://coloradorenaissance.com/entertainment/ Two more weekend only!   Don’t miss it.

It was a great Success!.  Thank you to everyone who supported RESCU.

A+ Love Arsene.



Main Tournament:

First place:  Arsene Dupin

Second place: John Engel


First place: Andrew Jamison

Second place: Louie Sharadek

IMG_2101 IMG_2087 IMG_2080 IMG_2068 IMG_2062 IMG_2057 IMG_2017 IMG_2019


You got lucky no rain!

You got lucky no rain!

IMG_2024 IMG_2029 IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2090 IMG_2056

From left to right Jeffrey,AJ,Louie,Scott,JohnM,Irish,Bear, Carly,in front John, Arsene,Virginia.

From left to right Jeffrey,AJ,Louie,Scott,JohnM,Irish,Bear, Carly,in front John, Arsene,Virginia.







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