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Hello everyone and welcome.

I had the great opportunity to go see the preparations the day before the event for the Open Singles and the Central Inter-Regional Doubles  Tournament organized by  the Mile High Petanque Club.  I wasn’t able to participate because on the weekend I am doing shows.  But on Friday Ed Porto the President of FPUSA and Etienne Rijkheer were already in town making the President and Vice President of the Mile High Petanque Club David Keil and Stephen Lessard pass their test to become Umpire.   And bien sur we also all had the chance to play a few games. I could see and experience already the great organization that will take place the next two days.   Great courts, beautiful gardens, free parking, great people.   All of the component to make a successful tournament.   As the matter of facts while I am writing this article Jim Schwobel the Vice President of HOT, who came all the way from Texas to participate at both events.   He  just called me to give me a few updates about the Tournament, and the first thing he said was

“Wow they had free food”! and how welcoming everyone was.    About 20 players were there for the Singles and one was on the top the whole time Loris Humber from France.  Congratulations to you and to everyone who participated and a special “clin  d’oeil” to  Virginia who came from Colorado Springs representing the Pikes Peak Petanque Club and won the Consolante B.   Everyone is looking forward to play the Central-Inter Regional Doubles tomorrow.  Congratulation David and company  for a great event.  We will keep you posted for results of the Doubles  tomorrow.

A+ Love Arsene

Results Singles

1st = Loris Humbert (from France) middle
2nd = Skip Montoya (New Mexico) on the left
3rd = Andre Pelissier

Consolante A – 1st = Ed Porto 2nd = Steve Lessar
Consolante B = Virginia Fox


Twenty players for the Singles!


The Singles final!

The Singles final!




The day before the Singles.


From right to left. Jim, David,Ed,Etienne,Arsene

From right to left. Jim, David,Ed,Etienne,Arsene.

Setting up the courts!

Setting up the courts!

Grooming the courts!

Grooming the courts!



Stephen passing the umpire test.



David passing the umpire test.

David passing the umpire test.




Jim in the beautiful Centennial Gardens!

Jim representing HOT at the beautiful Centennial Gardens of Denver.



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