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Hello everyone and welcome.

Petanque in Austin keeps on going!  In the spirit of Christmas and to make sure we are staying up with our competitive edge we are having a local Tournament in town on Saturday 20th December at the historic Hangar.    It will be a Doublette and sauvage style, we do have more room for teams if you happen to be in town and want to participate but you have to let me know ASAP.    We will start at 9 am we will have Trophy, medals and money prizes.

Meanwhile in France our friend Marco Foyot just received the new jackets for his Team 13 BY MF by the President Jean Michel Guillermo of The Loubeyrat Petanque Club. Those colors do have a certain flair like the colors of Austin TX.
Vive la Petanque!

Marco Foyot’s new club! The Loubeyrat Petanque Club

Marco Foyot explanation on his transfer in the Puy de Dome (63)

I will play in 2015 with 2 players the Puy de Dôme (forced Regulation).
Chris Helfrich in the Top 10 of the best French tireus …
William Dauphant 22 years young hope of French Boules and European Champion in the Departement # 63. Hopes … other players and friends will also join me.
Marco Foyot / Savin Angy / william Dauphant

My destiny for now let me settled my bags in Chatel-Guyon! It is a commune in the Puy-de-Dôme department in Auvergne in central France. I choose the club of Loubeyrat for several reasons. The beauty of the place, my friend the great President J-Mi Guillemot and all the great people living there, in 2014 they only had 26 licensees…no big names but the good guys … the nice girls (Fred, Biloute, J-Mi. B, Philip J-Claude, Mini foam, Bea, Evelyne, Valerie, Yohan, Sylvie Michel, Jean … etc
I had the opportunity to sign into 3 or 4 big club 63.
My choice may surprise, but for me it was obvious choice ….
For 2015, through the Loubeyrat club, I create my News Team with some partners (Sponsors) .. I invite beginners or experienced players to Petanque days of the Heads of area businesses to practice petanque … after 2016 we will see to expand the club.
Discovering the Combrailles, I found a very nice area, lakes, volcanoes …. but simple people, real, harsh …! Back to basics with real values it feels good and I like it a lot.
My arrival at the club Loubeyrat will not cost “a tune, no wheat, no dock, no dollars, no pesos ..” to the club.
Money, (of course you always need) … but in petanque I have different ways to make money I just have to turn on my imagination!

Bravo Marco for your new club. The Heart of Texas Petanque will come to visit you there. Yeehaa!



TEAM 13 BY MF : Marco Foyot, Jean Avédikian, William Dauphant en compagnie de Cathy Bernier et Jean Michel Guillemot (Président de la Pétanque de Loubeyrat)


REMISE SYMBOLIQUE !!! Jean Michel Guillemot remets le blouson aux couleurs du club à Marco Foyot


Marco Foyot, William Dauphant, Chris HelfrickTEAM 13 BY MF / PETANQUE DE LOUBEYRAT (63)

Marco Foyot, William Dauphant, Chris HelfrickTEAM 13 BY MF / PETANQUE DE LOUBEYRAT (63)


Marco really enjoy the majestic Hangar every time he comes to Austin. Quote ” qu’elle place incroyable je n’ ai jamais vu cela avant, juste au Texas!”!  We are lucky to be able to play there and have our annual HOT Tournament under the Big Top. This year on April 18/192015 More details soon.

IMG_4956 IMG_3859 IMG_3848

A+ Love Arsene



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