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Hello everyone and welcome.

We just had 15 teams show up for our end of the year Tournament.   A couple of teams came as far as San Antonio and North Carolina to be among friends.  It was great to see all those happy and smiling faces.  It was family time!.   The day was very long because we stated at 9:15 am and didn’t finish until 6pm.  But we wanted everyone to have a good time so we didn’t give any time limits on any games.    So we started with a cold morning and we finished with a cold night in the majestic Hangar.  Only a few of us remained watching the final between Thierry Amisse and Hasu Patel against Nicolas Bienvenu and Michel Costa from San Antonio.   It  was a very good and exciting game because the Austin team came back from behind until they tied up the game at 12/12 and grabbed the final shot by winning  13 to 12.   Congratulations to Hasu and Thierry.  and to everyone who participated.

Results main Concours.

First place: Thierry Amisse/ Hasu Patel.

Second place: Nicolas Bienvenu/ Michel Costa.

Third place: Arsene Dupin/ Jim Schwobel.


First place:  Micheal Hillis/ Terry Plemons.

A+ Love Arsene.

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