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Hello everyone and welcome.

Today we had the great opportunity to play against some fantastic players,  the President of the St Genevieve des Bois Petanque club and his team.   We did real good all the games.   Even so of course the mind was on the game, we will get news of what was going only a few miles away in Paris with the hostages  situation.   People watching the game and listening to the radio will come and whisper in the player hear the latest news.     We have been playing every day with  Jo, Jim and myself to strengthening the Triplette to be ready for the 3 Jours de Poitiers Tournament at the end of January.   Today was the first day we played great as a team. . As Marcel Pagnol quotes ” if France had to be proud of one thing and one thing only it will be the game of Petanque. Because we will have pride in having invented the game peacefully, which, by going around the world, working modestly but surely for the reconciliation of peoples, which is for Peace”.

 A+ Love Arsene


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